9 Years Of Network Marketing Pain and Struggle. What About YOU?

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As you visit my blog, I am wondering if you have faced the pain, struggles and frustrations I have in Network Marketing?
HandshakeAlmost 10 years ago I had my first experience of Network Marketing. And when I joined it it gave me dreams and hopes …

Extra money, free time, conferences abroad, and the opportunity to work for myself …Lots of things that seemed appealing …

I loved to provide a service for local customers and to support new people to set up their own business from home. I could easily do the retail side of the business, but struggled with the Team Building Side.

I was taught the traditional,old school team building methods of recruitment, and while I did manage to recruit some people, they did not stay or were the ‘wrong people.’

As a full-time Primary Teacher, I found it hard to fit my Network Marketing Business round my full-time job.I felt guilty, made plans, said I would carry them out and didn’t manage.

I kept being told that I just needed to bring in lots more people.

It’s a Numbers Game! It’s a Numbers Game!

But I was running out of time, money and new people …

I was tired and could not find time to fit in putting cards on cards or adverts in shops, never mind calling all the prospect who said they were interested.

And when I did manage to make some calls, they were usually off putting as the person did not remember replying to the add or was not interested.

Or down right rude …Not fun …I always believed that I should be recruiting online, and dabbled in it.

I created some FREE adverts in places that almost everyone I knew were doing them and was told to post lots of adverts in Facebook Groups.Yet, it when I was told to do things by people who were doing it, it either seemed to me:

1. I was only being told half a story, or2. They didn’t really know what they were doing anyway!  One of the major leaders in my MLM was excited to publish a book telling people how to get leads on the Internet ..

To be honest, I don’t even know if I would say that the basic information was even half a story ..

What a struggle ..

Know what I mean?

Early Days: Angus the Boy

Angus Boy

If you want to read what I discovered and is helping me now, you probably want to know something about me .

Brought up as a child in the suburbs of Glasgow, I didn’t have a clue about what I wanted to do when I grew up. I was the eldest of 4 children from a Christian background and the church took up most of my life.

Most of my social connections were made through the church and there was always something to do.

Perhaps this is where I learned to serve others constantly, but …

Although I wouldn’t say I had an unhappy childhood, as a young boy who was questioning his sexuality and didn’t feel he fitted in, it was difficult.

I had close friends, usually female, and found it difficult at times to my male peers.

Although I enjoyed learning at school and performed well, I was a target for bullies and I suppose a lot of my childhood was spent being the butt of their jokes.

I enjoyed writing and drawing cartoons.

I liked foreign languages and loathed PE. I found Maths challenging, and loved to read the popular children’s books of the day: Enid Blyton’s Secret Seven, The Famous 5 and the Magic Faraway Tree, the Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Adventure stories and I devoured Agatha Christie’s books too.

When I was 12 or 13, I did something which to this day I cannot believe I did. I decided as a young boy I was going to write a book. Not only was I going to write a book, but I was going to get it published.

I told people I knew I was going to do this, and set upon writing my first children’s book ‘The Secret Ghost Town.’And so I sat about writing it.

My mum had just had a new baby (my sister Fiona) and to this day I don’t know how she did it, but she typed out the Manuscript for me.A mother’s love!When the book was finished I sent it off to the first publishers.

They rejected it.

I sent to to a second Publisher Robert Hale (who had just published another book by another child-author) and they agreed to publish it.

I was so excited … and looking back I see it as a strong example of the Secret and the Law of Attraction. I believed it would happen and it did.



I became an overnight local media success. I was interviewed on Radio, on STV Local News, in some other papers and in Loving Magazine (that still makes me laugh).

But the article I remember to this day is one in the Glasgow Evening Times that was full of lies and half truths and that’s the one I could quote.

Because it gave the bullies more ammunition. As an adult, and a primary teacher, I am aware that children pick on and make fun of people who are different.Well as a good little church boy who never went out with girls and was now all over the news for publishing a book, I became an even easier target.I was unhappy, and not enjoying my moments of fame …

Children can be so cruel …
Looking back, I would say this killed my creativity, and I no longer spoke about my book or felt proud about it.Indeed, it was only recently I started talking about it again …

My First Job (Before the Network Marketing Bug)

I remember when we were given careers advice at school I panicked and didn’t know what I wanted to do.As I was taking Higher French, English and German, I applied to do Modern Languages at Stirling University.I was accepted and went to look at the Student Campus. But as a teenager, I decided that I could not have coped away from home and was not mature enough and rejected the offer.Finding an advert for Allied Irish Bank in a school newspaper, I decided the salary was acceptable and fell into banking by accident.Over a 9 year period I worked in various different branches of the RBS but from day 1 I knew it was not what I wanted to do.In those days, bank managers were very traditional, and when I did not want to do my banking exams or play golf with my Manager and Assistant Manager, I felt I did not fit in any more.

And when my Manager called me in to his office and told me I needed to have fun and ask out one of the female juniors, it made me feel worse!!

Me? Nah … not interested!

I stayed in the bank to I was 26, and a year earlier met my first real partner who helped my accept who I was. I felt I was living 2 lives with the church as one of them, and decided I was turning my back on the church and accepting myself. A decision which was not popular, but made me happy.

And, I still have no regrets about that.

All Change

I had always loved children, feeling close to and being popular with the children of family friends. I decided to study to become a Primary Teacher and the same thing happened as did with my book: rejected the first time and accepted the second.

So as a Mature Student of 26 I started my 4 year Degree in Primary Education and graduated a few months before my 30th birthday with a First Class Honours and Distinction in Teaching.

After my first teaching post for 5 years in Cornton, Stirling I moved to East Lothian to take a new teaching position. I had loved my first 5 years, and got on great with the children and parents, but decided I needed a change and was fed up with the Glasgow to Stirling commute by car.

As a Primary Teacher, I have always been interested in using technology in the classroom and enhancing the children’s learning. I have experimented with Blogging in the classroom and found it has motivated the children’s writing.

Becoming a Technology Geek

My first real experience of ‘modern’ computers was using Apple Macs in my teacher training, and I bought my first Mac. Since then I have been obsessed with everything Apple, and would not be able to cope without my iPhone, iPad or MacBook Air. I love technology and am a total geek.

People think I am playing with my ‘toys’ constantly, but for me it’s a lot more. These are the tools of my business, helping me keep in touch with my team, prospects and friends.

Discovering Something New

Over recent years, I have enjoyed Social Networking, originally with Facebook, and now Twitter and Linkedin. Although I had some success, I did not manage to get them to work for me and wondered what I was doing wrong.

Let’s fast track forward to almost 9 years after I had been in my Network Marketing Company …

My Upline in Kleeneze, Chris Burras and Sara Eyres, were always willing to try new things, and they told me that a group of people in their team were looking at blogging and a community called MLSP and thought it may be the answer.

I was told about someone called Jay Roberts who had done some trainings on building funnels and auroresponders and this seemed to make sense.

This was a way to sort prospects, to have the people who WERE interested call me …

Sounded perfect

When they told me some of the other reasons they were thinking of joining, I knew I had to do it.

Excitedly I joined My Lead System Pro!

When I joined, one of the problems was that everyone was at different stages and all trying to copy each other. Chris and myself tried to build funnels and muddle through it on our own, but it took a long time and was painful.

However, the one thing that I was grateful for was the basic Attraction Marketing Training that I got from MLSP. This made SO much sense, to not be chasing after prospects but for them to come to me because of the Value I was providing and then build a Realtionship with me.

So, deciding to focus on Blogging as my main marketing strategy, I followed Rachel MacGregor’s MLM Blueprint and started to provide value through my Blog http://www.angusjmcewan.com.

Life Changing Connections

Without going into too much detail, I was experiencing stress and major challenges at my current place of work, but experiencing the opposite online. Among the many new connections I was making in this Online Attraction Marketing World, I made some new friendships that would become very important to me and life-changing.

I got to know Debbie Short, who I have grown to love dearly and has become an important friend. Debbie and myself were both learning and working on similar things, but she soon became one of the most important people in my life.


When Gavin Mountford invited me to become a member of Networking Superstars, a new Tribe Syndication Group he was starting, little did I know how much we would end up working together.

The main thing that I got from Networking Superstars was connecting with other people and I loved what this was about.

Gavin is one of the most decent, honest people I know and a pleasure to know and work with. We have worked closely together on Networking Supertars and some other things, and it both a privilege and an honour to work with him …

Jay Roberts has become an important person to me as well. Jay’s vision was originally to work with and support Struggling Nework Marketers online, and bring MLSP to the UK. However, he is now helping us focus on bringing this to Europe.

Last year I attended Jay’s MLM Summit in Edinburgh and had an amazing time there. I made lots of new friends and it was great to actually meet some of the people I knew well online for the first time in person.

I felt like I had known them for years.

At the Summit, I met two people who have already helped me make major changes in my life. Diane Hochman, the Queen of Attraction Marketing, was there and as well as learning so much from her I was lucky enough to have her support me and demonstrate how to work through some issues about my business and how I framed my ‘story.’

Me Diane Summit

And I also was fortunate to have some fantastic support from Lyne Driscoll, a therapist who had helped Jay challenge and conquer his Mindset and contribute to his success.

A month or so later I met some of these people again at a second event organised by Jay.

As well as fantastic training by Ankur, the main thing I got was re-connecting with friends and making new acquaintances.

Again, I was loved, accepted and appreciated. Totally different to my offline work environment as an employee.

When I returned home, I had a new sense of direction and a plan for the support and focus I was going to give people online.

A Newly Found Passion and Excitement

Since then, three things have happened that have been, for me, the final three pieces of the jigsaw and got me passionate and excited about what I am doing:

1. MLSP re-focussed and made 4 clear levels for people to join/work through. This was exciting for me as it took away all the distractions that people sometimes experienced if they did not focus. They also introduced a trial and simple steps to set up the System and start marketing and getting leads, as well as 10 GREAT Steps to Fire Your Boss. Prefect for me to refocus AND teach others.

2. I have worked initially with Gavin Mountford and now with Diane Hochman as my mentors.    Both of them have taught me a LOT and I am now seeing how I can market MYSELF and offer people VALUE from a number of different PROGRAMMES/TOOLS that will give ME Multiple Income Streams.

3.   I have had ongoing support from Lyne Driscoll and she has helped me to break down old beliefs and make huge changes in my life.

I am really excited about my Online and Attraction/Relationship Marketing Future and helping struggling Network Marketers. As well as showing them ways in which they can generate leads and create an income/cash flow for their MLM online,  I can also show them a way to ESCAPE from their Current Network Marketing Company or job, if they so wish.

I am developing a Marketing Style that I love, and for me it is all about finding your PASSION and having FUN.

Today I am excited and hopeful about the future, and so grateful for the REAL friends and connections I have made online and the support they have given me so far.

One of my Blog Posts was also featured in BetterNetworkers email newsletter, which got me exposure to thousands of online and network marketers:


And Jay Roberts also made me “Community Member of the Month’ in his MLM Marketing Journal:

Journal Member of Month





If you like what you have read here and would like more information on how we can work together, please either use the form here to request a consultation with me, or click on the ‘Contact Me’ Form on my Blog

I hope you have enjoyed learning about me and it would be great to hear from you.

Angus J McEwan

P.S.   If you would like to go on my email list and receive helpful and relevant information, email me at angusjmcewan@aweber.com.


As I quickly revise this bio, I am even more excited about my Business than I have ever been before.

I have recently quit my Network Marketing Company for 2 main resins:

1.  I had lost my passion for it and was no longer enjoying it
2. I was wanting to focus my TIME and ENERGY into Building my Online Business.

Also, I have just spent an AMAZING WEEKEND with Diane Hochman and Lyne Driscoll at an Event in London, and this has given me even more of a PURPOSE and helped clarify where I am going.

If you would like to have the Support of a FANTASTIC Marketing Community with the best Trainings I know, click here.   Or if you would like to work with Debbie, Diane and myself on a new Global Opportunity go here.

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  • Merle Gibbins

    Reply Reply February 21, 2013

    Absolutely love your story Angus and I am proud to have you as my friend. You have given me a lot of support when I have felt down and given me the encouragement and motivation to keep going. Thank you.

    • AngusMcEwan

      Reply Reply February 21, 2013

      Thanks Merle I appreciate that and glad I can help

  • Susan

    Reply Reply February 21, 2013

    hey Angus – have just seen your video that you sent out straight after Diane’s session. And here I am on your website – so it does work ). I thought I wasn’t a nosey person, but here I am reading about you. So, I’m starting to believe that even the most hard nosed characters can be drawn in.

    Wow, you have done and achieved so much!

    I’m afraid that I am still the silent kid who sits at the back of the class and doesn’t do their homework, but I am determined to get into the practice of making comments and contributing. So, just want to say how much I admire what you are doing. As a role model it’s great to see you in action – taking the teaching and going straight into action. Good for you! Susan x

    • AngusMcEwan

      Reply Reply February 21, 2013

      Thanks Susan I really appreciate your comments. Just go for it!!! Does work. Angus

  • Sarah Wainwright

    Reply Reply February 21, 2013

    Just finished reading your story Angus and I thoroughly enjoyed it, I am so happy to be working with you now and you are an amazing Mentor and keep me positive and motivated. Turns out we read a lot of the same books as children, I was mad about Enid Blyton books too…I can still remember my Dad reading me the Faraway Tree, Magical!
    Sarah Wainwright recently posted..How To Install A Custom Header In WordPressMy Profile

  • Alan Hands

    Reply Reply March 3, 2013

    What an interesting story. You’ve had such a varied life. Sorry to hear about some of the negative things but your strong will shines through and you will always be a winner, I have no doubt! Very happy to have you as an online friend and one day we’ll get together at some event or other – I look forward to that. All the best!
    Alan Hands recently posted..Feb 14, About MeMy Profile

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